Life Is Art Solicitation for Art Donations for the Miami Beach Chamber Gala

Auction Solicitation Letter PDF
Auction Form 2012 PDF

Auction Solicitation Letter Doc
Auction Form 2012 Doc

Deadline for Donation: Friday May 18, 2012
For specific questions, contact Valerie Rasken at [email protected]

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Hello Life Is Art Friends!

Another personal note from your head honcho guy here at the massive Life Is Art corporate headquarters (aka the coffee shop), James Echols. I am very excited that we just hooked up another amazing opportunity for our artist friends. Below you will find the solicitation for donations for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 90th Annual Dinner Gala and Silent Auction, which will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Saturday, June 2th, 2012.

You know, normally I am not really in favor of asking artists to donate work. I know how much effort each piece takes, and the usual return is very low. However, this Gala includes approximately 1200 of the heavy-hitters from Miami Beach and around south Florida. These are people with real money, many of whom are avid art lovers. This really is great exposure. Plus, it benefits the Miami Beach Education Foundation, helping to support our youth.

Life Is Art is working with the Chamber to showcase some fantastic work by south Florida artists. We are going to have our own special area within the auction just for our artists! It will be branded with the Life Is Art banner and a portion of the sales will go to support Life Is Art’s mission to promote the arts in south Florida! We want this to make a big impact on the attendees, showing them how much great talent we have right here.

We are looking for pieces of at least $500 value to be donated. If you are interested in supporting this great cause and getting some awesome exposure, please use the links above for the solicitation letter and auction form links. Hurry, you need to have your form in by Friday, May 18! We only have a few slots, so act quickly!

Event Description
90th Annual Dinner Gala & Silent Auction
Saturday, June 2, 2012
Miami Beach Convention Center- Ballroom D
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL
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